Planetary soil characterization

* Measurement and Analysis of Geotechnical Properties of Lunar Regolith
* Development of Arm and Sampling Scoop for Lunar Soil Analysis

Planetary soil excavation

* Evaluation of Lunar Soil Excavation and Handling Concepts
* Development of Bucket Wheel and Bucket Ladder Excavators
* Development of a Scraper Protoype for Lunar Regolith Excavation

planetary Resource Extraction

* Concentration and Separation of Lunar Volatiles for ISRU
* High-Performance Membranes for Hydrogen Separation and Purification
* Integrated Microchannel Reformer/Hydrogen Purifier for Fuel Cells

Sensors for PlanetAry Exploration

* LIBS and Raman Integrated Instrument
* Biogenic Trace Gas Detector
* Multi-Spectral Imaging Spectrometer
* Automated Rock Thin Section Device for Rock Analysis

advanced materials and Space manufacturing

* High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) for Spacecraft/ Habitat Repair
* Structural Materials from Lunar Materials by Sintering and SHS
* High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) for Ceramic Nuclear Fuels

Dust management and mitigation

* Simulation of Lunar Dust Processing by Fluidization
* Simulation and Testing of Lunar Dust Transport on Extraction Plant
* Testing of Simulants under Lunar Environment Conditions

Spacecraft and Aircraft Fire Suppression

* Water-Mist Fire Suppression for Spacecraft and Planetary Habitats
* Development of Portable Extinguisher for Spacecraft Applications
* Water Mist Suppression of Hydrogen-Peroxide Fires on Aircraft


* Nitrous Oxide/Fuel Blend System

Economic and feasibility analyses of space technology

* Space Transportation Architecture Models
* Economic Analyses of Space Resources
* Studies of Potential Business Opportunities in Space

Education and outreach

* Development of University-level Space Exploration Courses
* Development of K-12, Virtual Lab Modules for




The 8th Continent Project

"Bringing Space Down to Earth"