FACULTY and staff

Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid
CSR Director
Associate Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering
In-situ planetary resource utilization, spacecraft fire suppression, microgravity combustion and materials processing

Dr. ChriStopher Dreyer
Assistant Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Optical diagnostics for chemical processes; sensors and instrumentation for planetary exploration


Dr. Michael B. Duke
Principal Scientist and Research Professor, Physics, Emeritus
In-situ resource utilization; planetary exploration; space transportation architectures

Dr. alfred "bill" eustes
Associate Professor, Petroleum Engineering
Robotic drilling design for Moon and Mars operations

Dr. George gilmer
Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Atomistic modeling of high-speed impacts on airless planetary bodies

Dr. Robert King
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus
Robotic mechanisms for planetary excavation; automated measurement

Dr. Gary Olhoeft
Professor, Geophysics, Emeritus
Planetary geophysics; ultra-high vacuum technology for planetary environment simulation; electrical and electromagnetic methods

Dr. John spear
Associate Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Molecular microbial ecology; environmental microbiology in diverse environments, astrobiology

Dr. john steele
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Intelligent machines and mechatronics, mobile robot navigation, design of rock cutting machines for planetary applications

Dr. Douglas Way
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Separation processes for planetary resource extraction, polymer and inorganic membranes
Dr. Lawrence Wiencke
Associate Professor, Physics
High energy astroparticle physics, innovative laser test beam systems for cosmic ray observatories