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december, 2009

csr and lunar excavator on discovery channel

The Center for Space Resources and the lunar excavator built by the CSM LunOrediggers student team are featured on the Sci-Trek: Mining the Moon documentary of the Discovery Channel. For a preview of the show check the Moon Prospecting video.

From Sci-Trek: Mining the Moon series:
"When Humankind returns to the Moon, this time the plan is to mine its surface for hidden resources. Elements like hydrogen and oxygen, trapped in the lunar soil, are the keys to a permanent colony and for future missions to Mars and beyond."


october, 2009

NASA SBIR phase Ii proposal selected for funding
(october 6, 2009)

The NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program announced the 2009 awards on October 6, 2009. A proposal from ADA Technologies, Inc., in collaboration with CSR, was selected for negotiation of contract to fund the following SBIR Phase II project on the area of spacecraft fire protection:

ADA Technologies, Inc.
Proposal Title: Advanced Portable Fine Water Mist Extinguisher for Spacecraft
ADA Technologies Principal Investigator:James Butz
CSR Investigator: Angel Abbud-Madrid


september, 2009

csM co-edits book on drilling in extreme environments

CSM faculty members Chris Dreyer, Bill Eustes, William Fleckenstein, and Ning Lu have co-authored a comprehensive book entitled, "Drilling in Extreme Environments," which investigates drilling and excavation on Earth, in ice, under water and on other planets and moons. It also addresses principles of drilling, contamination, and sample processing. The book was published by Wiley-VCH on September 15, 2009 and it is available at Amazon.


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