2008 News and Events

december, 2008

csr to be featured on discovery channel
(To be Announced)

The Center for Space Resources will be featured on the Sci-Trek: Mining the Moon documentary. Please check back for the show date and time.

From Sci-Trek: Mining the Moon:
"When Humankind returns to the Moon, this time the plan is to mine its surface for hidden resources. Elements like hydrogen and oxygen, trapped in the lunar soil, are the keys to a permanent colony and for future missions to Mars and beyond."

november, 2008

NASA SBIR phase i proposal selected for funding
(november 24, 2008)

The NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program announced the 2008 awards on November 24, 2008. A proposal from ADA Technologies, Inc., in collaboration with CSR, was selected for negotiation of contract to fund the following SBIR Phase I project on the area of spacecraft fire protection:

ADA Technologies, Inc.
Proposal Title: Test of Advanced Fine Water Mist Nozzles in a Representative Spacecraft Atmosphere
ADA Technologies Principal Investigator:James Butz
CSR Investigator: Angel Abbud-Madrid

September, 2008

apollo 17 lunar dust samples arrive at csm (september 5, 2008)

Several samples of lunar soil particles collected during the Apollo 17 mission were brought to CSM's Advanced Mineralogy Research Center (AMRC) for a quantification analysis looking at proportions of various glass types. The AMRC is currently conducting mineral characterization studies of lunar samples from the Apollo missions, as well as of most of the available lunar regolith simulants.

august, 2008

csm lunorediggers compete at nasa regolith excavation challenge (august 2, 2008)

LunOrediggers, a team of 17 CSM students participated on the NASA Lunar Regolith Excavation Challenge held on the California Polytechnic State University campus on August 2, 2008. Out of the 25 registered teams, the LunOrediggers became one of the 9 finalists and one of only two universities left at the end of the competition. Although none of the final teams claimed the $500,000 first prize, the LunOrediggers rover moved one step closer to achieving the extremely challenging task of excavating 150 Kg of lunar regolith in 30 minutes on a totally autonomous operation.

For more information consult the NASA 2008 Regolith Challenge link

April, 2008

mou signed between univ. of hawaii at hilo and csm
(april 4, 2008)

A research and educational partnership between CSM and the University of Hawaii, Hilo (UHH) was established on April 4, 2008 through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Center for Space Resources at CSM and the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) at UH Hilo.

For more information consult this Space-Travel.com link

January, 2008

NASA SBIR proposals selected for funding
(january 14, 2008)

The NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program announced the 2007 awards on November 16, 2007. Proposals from New York and Colorado companies, in collaboration with CSR, were selected for negotiation of contracts to fund the following SBIR Phase I and Phase II projects, respectively.

Honeybee Robotics
Proposal Title: Surface System Dust Mitigation
TAI Principal Investigator:Jason Herman
CSR Investigator: Masami Nakagawa

SysRAND Corporation
Proposal Title: MPED: An ISRU Bucket Ladder Excavator Demonstrator System
SysRAND Principal Investigator: Donald Arbuckle
CSR Investigators: Paul Van Susante and Angel Abbud-Madrid


DR. Robert King's lunar soil excavation trade study renewed by nASA KSC
(January 14, 2008)

Dr. Robert King's research project entitled "Evaluation of Lunar Soil Excavation and Handling Concepts," was renewed by the NASA KSC team responsible for evaluating excavation and material transport equipment on the lunar surface.


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